A New Resource for Gifted Kids: The Gifted Kids Workbook

Learning for the first time that your child has been identified as gifted can be a daunting experience. Even if you were identified as gifted yourself (or not, but are) as a child, parenting such a child is an added challenge to your role as a parent. Suddenly, in addition to being the provider of basic needs, you must educate yourself about all things gifted and gifted education; as well as understanding your child’s social and emotional needs. Oh, and don’t forget that you are expected to be a role model for your child.

It seems like an overwhelming task; expectations beyond the ability of a mere mortal. And you know why? Because it is. Now, consider how your child may be feeling. As an adult, you have the advantage here. You may have had challenges as a child, but you have the benefit of your own life experiences. And, if you haven’t realized it by now … there’s no shame in asking for help and seeking out resources to make your job easier.

That’s where Heather Boorman’s new book, The Gifted Kids Workbook, comes to the rescue. There are many books available today on ‘how to’ parent a gifted child, advocate for an appropriate education, and where to find social/emotional resources. This book, however, is a workbook for your child to use to explore and understand their own giftedness.

It’s often debated in the gifted community as to whether a child should be told they have been identified. Well, heck yeah. What’s the alternative? A child who knows they are different … looks at the world around them in unique ways, is always thirsting after knowledge, doesn’t feel a sense of belonging with age-peers … but, early on isn’t given enough information to understand why they feel this way.

When a highly-abled child grows up without the tools to support their emotional well-being and gain a real perspective of their own potential, things can go awry fairly quickly and a life of promise becomes a life in disarray. No one wants that for their child. The Gifted Kids Workbook takes a refreshing approach to childhood giftedness. It only takes a moment to peruse the table of contents … Understanding Giftedness, Enjoying the Intensities of Giftedness, Healing the Common Struggles of Being Gifted, Improving Friendships & Social Connections, and Choosing Your Identity … to realize that Heather Boorman knows what she’s talking about for sure!

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Heather at giftED18, the annual conference for the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented (Disclaimer: I do contract work for TAGT.) It was exciting to meet an author whose work I wholeheartedly support!

Heather Boorman

Here’s my recommendation … buy the book, read the book yourself first, and then hand it off to your child. You will thank me and they will thank you. It may only be the first step of your journey, but it’s a great place to start.

Still not sure? Heather has a website, The Fringy Bit. Check out her blog and then get her book.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for review. I have no other financial benefits accruing from this post.