Professionals Specializing in Gifted:

For an overview of how to choose a professional for your gifted child, see my post here.

Sylvia Dean Owner of Perennial Math GT specialist in Huntsville City Schools, AL.

Tricia Beck ThriveEducational Consulting Coaching, consulting, mentoring and tutoring services.Tuscon, AZ 

Bob Yamtich, MFT Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in Nonviolent Communication coaching and neurodiversity (Gifted & Asperger's).Fayetteville, AR 

Sara Yamtich (Life Coach) Fayetteville, AR 

Susan Goodkin Executive Director of California Learning Strategies Center Ventura, CA

Dr. Dan Peters Summit Center Walnut Creek and Los Angeles CA 

Jade Ann Rivera (Coaching) Educator and consultant who specializes in gifted education for highly sensitive, asynchronous learners. Oakland, CA 

Ann Smith  Executive Director of Gifted Support Center in the San Francisco Bay area. San Mateo, CA

Grace Malonai PhD LPCC Psychotherapist at Thera Thrive and Gifted Identity 
Walnut Creek, CA


Penelope Heinigk, PhD. Living Minds, LLC., GT Courses, Cognitive Testing, and Professional Development. Denver, CO.

Dr. Edith Johnston How to Life Consultants Facebook Listing at Psychology Today
Delta, CO

Dr. Patricia Gatto-Walden Licensed Psychologist Works with gifted and profoundly gifted across the lifespan. Boulder and Denver, CO

Katrina Katin Licensed Clinical Psychologist (LDs/ADHD) at Inner Compass FaceBook 
Grand Junction, CO

Seth Perler Owner: ShineOn EducationalSolutions, LLC (303)995-8889 
Education Coach & Consultant specializing in 2e, ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Sensory issues. Speak on EF and emotional regulation. Boulder, CO

Linda Silverman Gifted Development Center Westminster, CO 

Kathleen Casper OneWorld Gifted Consulting, advocacy, legal issues. Nationwide. Pasco County, FL.

Mira Halpert The Success Mom Developer, President 3D Learner Inc, Specializing in 2e students, on-line and on-site coaching. Boca Raton, FL .              

Tiombe Bisa Kendrick-Dunn, SSP, NCSP Prodigy School Psychological Services, Miami, FL

Lynn Elizabeth Marlowe Advocate for gifted and 2E. Locally with individuals & schools; long distance via phone & Skype. Set up homeschooling/support. (No testing or evaluations)  Jacksonville, FL

Dr. Spomenka Calic-Newman Psychological Services for Children psychologist working with gifted and creative children, their parents, and schools.(Recommended by Bonnie Cramond, Professor and Director of the Torrance Center) Atlanta, GA

Steve Borgman LCPC, Thrive with Aspergers Specialties include Asperger's, ADHD, Dual Diagnosis. Listing at Psychology TodaySchaumburg,IL

Catherine Gruener Gruener Consulting Services include parenting gifted children, social emotional needs of gifted children, executive functioning. Elmhurst, IL 

Andrew Mahoney MS, LPC, LMFT. Counseling the Gifted  Work with the gifted and talented population. Park Ridge,IL 

Ed Amend Amend Psychological Services Works with gifted and talented; 2e. Lexington, KY 

Nina Daivs-Millis Davis-Mills Educational Consulting Works with families of gifted students. Boston, MA 

Christina Nicolson  Mrs. Nic's Acadamia Cambridge, MA  Consulting and workshops for gifted.

Aimee Yermish da Vinci Learning Center Psychotherapy, mentoring/enrichment, homeschool support, formal and informal assessments, IQ testing, consulting, 2e. Stow, MA 

Megan Bearce, LMFT  Specialized in gifted and talented, gifted girls. Listing at MCGT MN Mental Health ProfessionalsMinneapolis, MN

Teresa Manzella, G-Squared Youth Advocate  Specializes in supporting the unique needs of youth who are gifted and GLBT, Intersex or Questioning. Minneapolis, MN

Patricia Curry Educational and Individual Assessment Services Primarily gifted children and adults testing. St. Louis, MO  

Gayle Roege  Bureau Talent  Offers counseling, but primary service is Learning Skills Game for students. Corvallis, MT

New Mexico:
Lori Comallie-Caplan, LMSW  Offers counseling for gifted individuals, general psycho-educational evaluations. Las Cruces, NM 

New York:
Jerald Grobman, MD Psychotherapy Services for the Gifted Comprehensive Assessment and diagnosis, parent guidance; adolescents and adults.. NYC, NY 

Devon MacEachron, Ph.D. Dr. Devon MacEachron Strategic Learning Assessment Comprehensive neuropsych and psychoeducational assessment. 2E, gifted, LD. NYC, NY

Susan Rakow, LPC at Dr. SylviaRimm’s Family Achievement Clinic/Humanistic Counseling Center and American Educational Consultants. Specializes in the needs of gifted individuals and families. Cleveland, OH. 

Paula Prober (Counselor) Rainforest Mind Specialized in counseling and consulting gifted adults, youth and families. Eugene, OR 

Gail Post, Clinical Psychologist Collaborative Psychological Services Specializes in the emotional challenges of the intellectually and/or musically gifted children and adults. Jenkintown, PA 

Robbie Hutchens, M.MFT, LMFT Signet House LLC Specializes in serving the needs that are unique to gifted children, gifted adults, and their families. Smyrna, TN 

Rachel Springfield, LCSW. Specializes in giftedness, gentle parenting and attachment parenting issues, existential issues. Austin, TX

Dr. Suzy Thompson. Understanding Giftedness Specializes in parent education, PD and life coaching for middle school through college gifted and talented population. Austin, TX

Marcia J. McKinley, JD, PhD, NCC , ADHD and Executive Functioning Coach, Neurofeedback Resident, Psychotherapist.  Herndon/Ashburn, VA

Lisa Erickson MS, LMHC Private Practitioner, Speaker and Graduate Educator (adolescents and adults) Seattle, WA  

Cami Huysman, MA, LMHC Director/Mental Health Therapist ACT Services, PLLC Facebook

Pam McKinnie  President/CEO Concepts Unlimited  Specializing in marketing and promoting strategies for gifted consultants, organizations, and schools.

Anne van Roden, LMFT Individuals,Couples, and Families Seattle, WA 

Gloria Sandford, M.A., LMHC SENG Parent Support Groups Seattle, WA 

Nira Scherz-Busch MS Licensed Private Practice School Psychologist. Child Family Psychological Services  Giftedness and 2E. Madison, WI  

Washington, D.C.:
Julie F. Skolnick M.A., J.D. With Understanding Comes Calm Supporting Parents of Gifted and Distractible Children. Washington, D.C.

Marcella Embry Pathways Educational Consulting Email:
Ph.: 720-833-0389 


Dr. Alex Davidovic Founder of Gifted Child Magazine Gifted Education Specialist  
Twitter  Skype: Dr.Alex.Adelaide

Rhonda Filmer, MEdAdmin, COGE, Twice Exceptional Gifted Education Consultant and Teacher; 2E.  Sydney, Austrailia 

Susan Prior Prior Learning  Gifted, 2E, Inclusive, Education Consultant. Brisbane, Australia  

Otto Schmidt, M.Ed. Accent on Skills Consulting  Toronto, Canada

Dr. Inderbir K. Sandhu  Mind-Path Consulting  Gurgaon, India  

Dr. Michael Fitzgerald, M.B., M,D; First Professor of Child Psychiatry in Ireland at Trinity College Dublin Email: 

Peter Lydon Gifted and Talented Ireland  for teachers; Gifted and Talented Network Ireland  for parents

The Netherlands:
Dylan Hyman TEDxAmsterdam Gifted Education Teacher at P.J. Troelstraschool  Email:  Twitter Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Noks Nauta, MD, PhD  instituut hoogbegaafdheid volwassenen (Gifted Adults Foundation) Delft, Netherlands  

Karin Sperber, owner of BijzonderGaaf, ECHA Specialist Gifted Education. Malden, Netherlands

Lincke van Tricht Bestuurslid Intervisie (Bureau Talent) at ECHA Network Nederland Leiden, Netherlands (works with Gayle Roege)

New Zealand:
Lynn Berresford, M.Ed  Indigo Assessment and Counseling Auckland,New Zealand  

Sheyla Blymen, PhD full Professor of Psychology at the PUCP Peruvian Delegate to WCGTC (English and Spanish) Psycho-Educational Assessment, diagnostic testing, counseling.  Private Practice. Email:  Contact number: 511 99571 5591 

Giovanni Galli Psychologist, Psycopedagogist  Alto potenziale Cognitivo (Italian) Counseling, diagnosis, managing gifted children Ticino, Switzerland   

United Kingdom:
Professor Deborah Eyre UK CEO of DEL Education Consulting

Karen Bendelman Sobredotacion Ministry of Education, Department of Education
Email: Mailing Address: Rambla Republica del Peru 1043/201  Montevideo, Uruguay   Telephone: (+598) 91-915-655   

Gifted Friendly Service Providers California Gifted Network

Psychologists - Testing List at Colorado Association for Gifted and Talented 

Local Psychologists Who Routinely IQ Test Gifted Children in Michigan 

Testing, Assessment and Counseling List by IEA’s (Institute for Educational Advancement) Gifted Resource Center 

Psychologists and Education Consultants from Gifted Resources in Australia (Jo Freitag) 

Gifted Homeschool Friendly Professionals from Gifted Homeschoolers Forum 

Minnesota Council for the Gifted and Talented List of Mental Health Professionals  

Texas Private IQTesting Professionals recommended by Texas Parents of the Profoundly Gifted Families 

Disclaimer: The sources listed above were self-elected as providing services for the gifted community and are intended for reference purposes only. The inclusion of any person or entity on the list shall not be deemed to imply a recommendation, endorsement or approval of the services provided by such person or entity.    


  1. Lisa, This is a wonderful list. Thank you so much for compiling it. I hope you keep adding to it as you hear about people. I often get requests for therapists around the country and world. I'll send people here. Thanks so much!!

    1. Thanks, Paula! It is my intent to continually update this resource. A list is only as good as its availability so I appreciate your sharing it. Finding help when my children were young was nearly impossible and the one professional we found did more harm than good as they had no experience with gifted children. It's my hope that parents will avail themselves of this list to find qualified professionals when they need them.


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