I am a gifted education advocate and work with gifted communities worldwide. I've worked in education for 15 years. I hold a B.A. degree in Sociology.
Since March 2012, I've moderated Global #gtchatPowered by the Texas Association for the Gifted and Talented on Twitter held Thursdays at 8PM ET. I have expanded the reach of #gtchat to include a weekly transcript, Facebook Page, Pinterest Page and Blog.
Gifted Parenting Support is read in over 125 countries and its readership includes parents, educators and academics.
I have presented at the 2012 - 2018 TAGT Annual Conferences; 2013, 2015 and 2017 PAGE Conferences; 2016 and 2017 SENG Conferences; and 2013 WCGTC Conference.
I am a member of TAGT, PAGE, NAGC, SENG, Gifted Homeschoolers Forum, associate member of IRATDE and Founder Member of GTVoice in the UK.
Currently, I am available for workshops/presentations for gifted organizations, schools and parent groups. I may be reached at:


  1. Dear Ms. Conrad,
    Thank you for liking my Facebook page! I am a teacher of gifted students, and for years I have searched for a book
    to share with my students that would directly teach them about their gifted
    characteristics. Unable to find what I was looking for, I wrote my own! My
    character is a child one hundred years in the future at a school for gifted
    learners. During his one week orientation, he learns about the
    overexcitabilities and the positive aspects of each along with some coping
    strategies for each. He also learns about general intellectual ability,
    specific academic aptitude, creativity, leadership and
    psychomotor/visual/performing arts. The book also deals with some issues
    with bullying.
    This book is a great way for children to learn about
    some of their gifted qualities by using a fast paced fiction story to keep them engaged
    and the pages turning. I would be happy to send you a complimentary PDF copy if
    you are interested in writing a review.

    Thank you,
    Allis Wade
    The School for Gifted Potentials-Orientation


  2. I have been trying to find research on what type of school is best for a "divergent thinking/gifted child." My guestion is, is a small school setting better or is a large school better. My child is at a small school now and has a hard time relating to the other boys. But I am afraid he will get lost in a large school. Do you know if there is any research on this. Thanks.

    1. I am sorry that I cannot reply to Anonymous questions. Thank you.

  3. I am looking for educational options and local parenting support groups. My gifted 11 year old daughter is struggling socially in a small parochial school. This is affecting her classroom performance. We live about 1 hour west of Pittsburgh, Pa. Any information or guidance in helping my daughter and her teachers would be greatly appreciated.
    Jennifer Beard Belmont, Ohio

    1. Here are a few places you might check out:

      Ohio Association for Gifted Children

      OAGC on Facebook

      OAGC Affiliates

  4. Hi.I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. Such a great approach - supporting parents who struggle every day to help their children get the education they deserve. Really comprehensive, enjoyable to read, and so informative. I also really appreciate that you have included my relatively new blog in your blog roll.

    Best regards,
    Gail Post/ Gifted Challenges

  5. Thanks for doing this great blog and all you're doing for gifted students and their parents. I'd like to invite all gifted students to join our online math competition for grades 3-8
    We really need to promote problem solving and higher order thinking in our kids.

    Sylvia Dean, Ed. D.
    Gifted Specialist 24 years and owner

  6. I am looking for advice & information regarding recognizing giftedness in a late-talking child. My son is about 2 1/2 & has a limited vocabulary. It is not as if he CAN'T talk but more like he has no interest in learning words. He has other behaviors that make me think he may be gifted. Our doctor is trying to push us into a developmental preschool to initiate speech therapy, but I am concerned that will only frustrate him & interfere with the non-verbal development he is focused on. Can you offer any advice or areas to find information related to this topic? Thanks;

    1. Jessica ... Sorry I didn't see this sooner. I am checking with several experts I know and will answer ASAP.

    2. Hi, Jessica ... Stephanie Meyer, PhD was recommended as a professional specializing in young gifted children. Her website and contact info may be found at and Gifted Homeschoolers Forum offers resources for all parents of gifted children at . hth Regards, Lisa


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