Nothing You Can't Do! {Book Review}

“Nothing You Can’t Do!” from Mary Cay Ricci is aimed at middle-schoolers and would be useful in regular education classrooms as well as a motivational curriculum for guidance counselors. As such, teachers should be prepared to provide paper or a notebook for students if they intend to reuse their copies.

Mary Cay Ricci

Throughout the book, ‘secrets’ are revealed which is a very appealing format for this age group. Students will enjoy the interactive nature of the ‘Extras’ section at the end of the book; perfect for today’s digital natives. Links to websites and videos through the use of QR codes can be accessed by tablets or cellphones. 

Activities suggested in the book promote journaling and engaging in critical thinking about how students respond to challenges in their lives. The publisher has also created a Facebook page and Twitter account to accompany the book; a great way to connect readers and classrooms!

After reading the book, I was happy to see that Ms. Ricci acknowledged mindset, while a powerful motivator, needs to be qualified.

"Before we get to the first chapter, we must discuss a little issue. The title of this book is not 100% true ... there are actually some things that you can't do (but that wouldn't make a very good book title, would it?). There are some things that no matter how hard you try - you will not be able to do - these are typically things that are limiting us due to one or more of our physical attributes. Here is the important part to remember: Even though it might be very difficult to achieve something, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't enjoy the process of working toward your goals." (p. 5)

Potential is not limitless and its boundaries are very personal. Achievement cannot be based on effort alone and it shouldn’t be the sole goal for one’s life.

The book is published by Prufrock Press (Non-affiliate link). Check it out! 

Disclaimer: I received a received a review copy of the book.