The School for Gifted Potentials: Rebellion

It has been a long time coming - finally, the third book in Allis Wade's trilogy, The School for Gifted Potentials. Along the way, we have followed Everett from his Orientation to Revelations and now Rebellion. Sounds exactly like the path followed by many gifted children I have come to know.     

I first reviewed Orientation in 2012 and Revelations in 2013. Over the years, I have occasionally wondered if Everett would ever complete his journey and find his way in life. I'm happy to say that I now know the answer to both those questions. I dearly wish there would be a sequel to the trilogy; there's certainly more story left to be written.

Allis Wade is a pen name. There is a part of me who believes I may know the author; but I don't. If I did, I would tell them how much I've come to adore Everett ... for his intellect, his bravery, his character as a role-model for so many gifted children who have not found their way ... yet. 

As the parent of a gifted child; as a teacher of gifted children; as a gifted child ... should you read these books? Well, be sure to read my reviews of the first two books and ask yourself - what would Lisa do? Then, head to Amazon (no affiliate links here) and download the Kindle version (it's not available in paperback at this time.) 

The real importance of these books is the wonderful way the author has woven into the characters what it feels like to be gifted; to not be understood or to understand oneself very well. It delves into the role of 'overexcitabilities'; how they affect every aspect of life for those who are labeled 'gifted'. There is strife, self-awareness, fulfillment and eventually satisfaction. The author alludes to the heart-wrenching decisions parents of gifted children must make throughout their lives and always doubting themselves; the need for students to be involved in decisions affecting their education; and the importance of self-advocacy for all gifted kids. 

Without spoilers, I can definitively tell you that the plot twists in this final book are masterfully written and well worth the wait. You won't see the end coming. You will see your child, your student, yourself illuminated in its pages. It made me yearn for a time when The School for Gifted Potentials might be realized. But alas, it is but a work of fiction. Still ...