The BEST Things about Parenting a Gifted Child

Too often I hear parents of gifted children lament parenting as being a struggle they wouldn’t wish on anyone. Yes … it isn’t always easy; but life is what we make of it. I think it’s time to look on the bright side!

  • They often march to their own drummer ...

  • Their questions aren't always age-appropriate ...

  • Expect the unexpected when the family gets together!

  • There’s never a dull moment … really.

  • Taking your 10 year old to a the library ... 

  • Can you say Project-based learning? 

These were some of my best times in parenting two gifted children. Yes, we experienced the heartaches of bullying, the misunderstandings by teachers who did not understand gifted children, the eye rolls of other parents who thought we were bragging, and so much more. Today, however, I choose to celebrate the best things about parenting a gifted child. 

Now it’s time for you to share yours! What makes you happiest when parenting your gifted child? 


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