National Parenting Gifted Children Week

National Parenting Gifted Children Week is July 17 – 23 this year. It is sponsored by the nonprofit organization, Supporting Emotional Needs of Gifted (SENG). This blog will be participating in SENG’s NPGC Week 2011 Blog Tour with a post on July 17th! I will be sharing my personal story of why I advocate. This event began in 2007 in conjunction with the National Special Events Registry. It is a celebration of everything associated with gifted parenting and supporting gifted children and adults.

The 2011 Summit Conference held annually by SENG will take place July 15th - 17th in Seattle, Washington. Keynote speakers include Dr. James T. Webb, Dr. Nancy Robinson, Jeremy Lewis, and Phil Gordon. Sessions will be held for parents, educators, and mental health professionals as well as teens and children.

Unique in its perspective, SENG was created in 1981 to support the emotional needs of gifted children. Today, it has expanded its focus to include adults. SENG has a broad-based approach that encompasses the emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, and physical aspects of growing up gifted. Their mission is to support the gifted community both nationally (U.S.) and around the world by helping gifted, talented, and creative individuals to reach their full potential and to lead meaningful lives.

SENG has a wide range of programs and resources available for parents. You can explore their website here. Their stated Vision is, “SENG envisions a world where gifted, talented and creative individuals are supported to build gratifying, meaningful lives and contribute to the well-being of others. To this end, SENG reaches out to diverse communities that share our mission across the nation and the globe.”

You are invited to return on July 17th to read my contribution to the blog tour and then continue throughout the week to read many other highly anticipated posts by fellow bloggers! See you then.


  1. Thank you so very much for participating in the blog tour and giving such timely information about SENG and the conference! I look forward to your NPGCW post.

  2. The conference looks great, and it's even local to me but, expensive. I'll look forward to a writeup, I guess.

  3. Tanya, I know these conferences can be expensive for parents. I try to make one day of a conference ... usually, Saturday. The quality of speakers at a national conference and the resources available are generally the justification for the rates. If you can't make it, try checking out SENG's website as they offer many resources there also.


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