Shhh … I Know 101 Secrets!

The much anticipated sequel to Emotional Intensity for Gifted Students101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids – by author Christine Fonseca is on bookshelves now. It is a comprehensive companion book that kids and parents will both appreciate.

Most books about gifted children or gifted education are written for educators or for parents. This book is written for kids 8 to 12 years old. It speaks directly to them and meets them on a level you would expect for a gifted child. The author is not condescending, nor does she address them as if they are adults.

Throughout the book, Ms. Fonseca reveals 101 ‘secrets’ concerning gifted identification and how to deal with the emotional intensity of giftedness as experienced by the kids. It is evident that she has spent many hours talking to and listening to gifted kids and their parents. As you would expect, each secret is thoroughly explained, given a coping strategy, and accompanied by comments from real kids.

The way in which the book is laid out is unique and so practical. It is divided into three different aspects of a gifted child’s life – school, friends, and family. Each of these is approached in a different manner. Along with the secrets, there are tips such as, ‘how to talk to teachers,’ ‘tips for reaching your potential,’ and ‘tips for building creativity.’ Different sections of the book also include ‘Parents Sound Off’ – revealing how parents feel about different situations and ‘What do you think?’ – a place for self-reflection.

One of the reasons I am such a fan of this book (and this author) is that the reader is made to feel as if the book was written especially for him or her. The author has the uncanny ability to personalize her words to such an extent that it seems like she is sitting across the table from you. As a parent, the quotes in the book sometimes sound like I’m hearing my own children speak. As a gifted advocate, I find myself trying to memorize passages for the next meeting with a parent. Guaranteed … you will, too!

This book does one more thing. It brings solace to the reader; knowing you’re not alone. I think this is pretty important for a gifted kid as well as the parents. Shared struggles can often ease the burden. Suddenly, you realize that others are facing many of the same issues as you are.

101 Success Secrets is a must read for tweens and their parents. Questions will be answered, fears allayed, and practical advice will be given in its pages. Find this book at your local bookseller or online, and read it. You and your child won’t be disappointed! It will become a well-worn companion that you’ll come back to time after time as the ultimate handbook for gifted kids!


  1. The quote is, "Wow, this author has read our minds." That is what two of my fourth grade girls said when we discussed tip #1 and #2. We've now thoroughly discussed and commented on the first chapter's tips. My students are creating comic strips of their personal or believable experiences on a tip.

    I'm thinking of getting two books: one for the parents and one for my students.

  2. I will definitely be picking up this book for my son. I know he feels all alone and one of the reasons is because he gets so emotional over things that no one else even notices. I like that this book not only lets the reader know that this is normal for a lot of people, but also teaches him or her coping strategies. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Squee! THANK YOU LISA. And you know what - one of my goals with both books was for them to read as if we were friends sitting at coffee talking about our kids. You truly made my day! THANK YOU AGAIN


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