If You Give a Gifted Kid a Pencil

If you give a gifted kid a pencil,
She’s going to want a piece of paper to go with it.
When you give her the paper,
She’ll probably ask you for a dictionary.

Once she gets the dictionary,
She’ll ask you for a quiet place in which to work.
She’ll start writing a novel,
But then she’ll begin to daydream.

And when her thoughts turn to the environment,
She’ll probably ask you for a thermometer.
When she takes it outside,
She’ll notice how hot it is and begin to think about global warming.

She’ll ask to borrow your iPad,
And then she’ll ask for a wireless connection to go with it.
So, you’ll have to give her the access codes,
And then she’ll ask to borrow a flash drive.

When she finds enough information,
She’ll want to make a PowerPoint presentation.
She’ll make an excellent one,
And then she’ll want to print it out.

When she prints it on your printer,
She’ll notice a slight mistake.
She’ll ask for a piece of paper to make corrections.
And chances are … if she asks for a piece of paper …

She’s going to want a pencil to go with it!

(This piece was inspired by an inquisitive young lady from Florida to whom I wish to dedicate it to.)

Disclaimer: This story is intended purely for entertainment purposes only. It is intended as parody only. Any likeness to a published work is coincidental.


  1. Very cute poem. :) I can relate with my gifted DS10. When he gets passionate about something he'll usually do a project that includes a power point presentation. :) I love how the girl in the poem daydreams and is off to explore another one of her interests.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! We all just need to laugh once in awhile. :)

  3. Where's the part about the gifted kid's anxiety about the environment going through the roof, so you have to take her to see a therapist? LOL!

    Lisa, this is absolutely fabulous and scarily accurate! You are a rock star!

  4. Was just coming back to this again to read and smile! Thank you!

  5. I always said our dd was like the mouse... wish we had some of the working quietly though.

  6. Loved it! And I 2nd DeepWaterCoach's comment about needing a verse where the girl goes off the deep end due to concern for the environment. On a separate but related note, my dd08 cried when she found out the space shuttle program was ending and she builds spreadsheets like nobody's business :)


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