Creating a Global Gifted Community

Last week our local parents' group decided to reach out to gifted parents outside our local community, but still within our county. It's a bit of a radical concept for this area. However, it just seemed like this right thing to do. There is strength in numbers and we suspect that there are many untapped resources in our county.

This got me to thinking. Our group is an affiliate of the state advocacy group. Our state group is associated with a national (U.S.) group. Europe has the European Council for High Ability and the World Council for Gifted and Talented Children (3 U.S. groups are affiliates). Pacific rim countries will be meeting for an international conference soon.

So, what about people from all over the world getting together to discuss gifted children and their education? Well, a nascent group already exists on Twitter that meets via #gtchat on Fridays at noon and 7PM (EDT) to do just that. The moderator, Deborah Mersino (Colorado), has her own website @ as well as a Facebook page. This Twitter group is sprinkled with extraordinary parents, professionals, and teachers from around the world; each offering their unique perspective on gifted children. We all share the same frustrations with schools who don't meet gifted children's needs; classmates and teachers who don't understand them; and societies who do not value them.

The reason we need to consider ourselves part of a global community is simple. We can learn from each other and together make the world a better place for our children who, in turn, can make the world a better place for us all!