What if my child is not "identified" as gifted by my school district? (Part 2)

Something to remember - school districts often do not make decisions based on providing additional services to groups outside the box. Gifted Education is often seen only as a drain on their budget rather than as a source of pride for the district.

If you find yourself outside the box, there are many resources on the Internet to be found. One of the best programs in the country is located at Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth
located in Baltimore provides independent testing. They offer online classes and summer programs. Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh has a C-Mites program  which also provides independent identification through their Explore test. Stanford University's EPGY in Palo Alto provides for Open Enrollment in their programs which is independent of school district recommendations. It is as simple as doing a search for gifted programs through universities in your area.

Some of the most important education of a young mind does not take place in a classroom. Time spent traveling and exploring their surrounding environment can make a lifelong impression on a child. Trips to large public libraries, science centers, art museums, natural history museums, and cultural events in your local area can easily provide the 'spark' to ignite their imagination.

Always keep the lines of communication open with your child and learn what their interests are when you consider ways to engage them in learning. Few gifted kids are enthusiastic about education if they aren't interested in the subject matter.
Keep in mind that the journey through life for a gifted child can be both lonely and awe-inspiring. Your role, as their parent, can be pivotal in the path they choose.